Really,…, don´t you want to commit himself with my Company?

Really,…, don´t you want to commit himself with my Company?
28 marzo, 2017 Luis F. Rodriguez

I love the engagement. Because I misunderstand the elements that create it.


Engagement is the predisposition of a professional to run “an extra mile” when you have arrived to the finish. Engagement is to follow training when your colleagues are in the showers. But… why? Why you?

However, I love to try to understand the thinks that I misunderstand. I prefer to approach them that to stand alone waiting that another man give a hand to understand his approaches at my problem. It´s a failure myself. I am the owner of my way.

I´m working in this direction for many years. The engagement or the commitment of the people is a great goal that I want to discover day by day, systematically.

I´ve studied more than 100.00 employees in three continents and different sector activities, size, revenue, etc. Always I confirmed that the professionals develop engagement with their Companies from four perspectives:

Many people love to engage with the brand, the values or the prestige of the Company. Nowadays, the “small is nice” concept are growing and the entrepreneurship character of the young talent people is growing too. Your “boutique” Company, your “garage” Company, can offer an excellent opportunity to attract the best global talent to your Company. Do you want? U can!

Other interesting point to get the engagement of our employees are our leaders. They must be an example to them. An example for their behaviours, an example for their knowledge, an example for their engagement too.

The team is the third engagement point. “Great teams generates great people”, Juan Antonio Corbalán (sic). Teams that share experiences, knowledge and create a good atmosphere will be a key engagement point in your organization. You need prioritize the team soul and team goals in front of individual objectives.

Finally, the tasks that you can offer him. Are you inspirational tasks in your work? Are you an innovative Company? Do you let to mistake looking for the “extra mile”? Are you leaders prepared to identify the brightness of your employees? Are you able to feel the energy of your workforce and the passion of your clients? Design the tasks of your job descriptions with these attributes to get the engagement through the tasks.

Now…, run your new Engage Culture Company.

Do you want to know more? I can sent you our “Fourflags” model to diagnose the engagement level in your Company.

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Luis Fernando Rodríguez is a partner of Watch&Act firm and author of a several articles and studies about engagement in the Companies. Luis has been professor in IESE Business School (Navarra University) and ESADE Business School (Pompeu Fabra University).

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